Karel Webber, Dramatherapist

Margie Pankhurst, Actress, Performer, Dramatherapist

Jessica Mayson, Dramatherapist

Alexandra Khazin, Artist & MA Expressive Arts Therapy Student

Warren Nebe, Director of Drama for Life, University of Witwatersrand

Shira Liknaitsky, Licentiate of Speech and Drama Teacher Trainee

Yakira Farber, Licentiate of Speech and Drama Teacher Trainee


My daughter Zoey started doing Dramatherapy with Yaela and at first I was not sure about it as it was something new and different to Play Therapy (which we were accustomed to). Zoey loved and got on with Yaela from day one.

The difference I started seeing with Zoey was remarkable.

Yaela's unique techniques were unbelievable how they really helped and changed Zoey. 

When we did group sessions (where the parents, child and therapist had a session together), the tasks we participated in really helped us to understand each other better as a family and helped us to explain the underlying issues in what we were dealing with in a way that is nothing short of mind-boggling. 

Yaela always kept me up tp date with Zoey's progress and if there was something that she felt I needed to know or work on with Zoey she would let me know. 

Similarly, if I needed anything, no matter the time, Yaela always made time to listen and to offer helpful advice.

Yaela is truly a remarkable, caring person. I promise that if you are lucky enough to have Yaela work with you, you have only the best!

Nadine Levin, Mother of Dramatherapy Client

Thank you so very much for the wonderful, exciting, fun-filled and special journey you have shared with Victoria for the past 14 months in South Africa, Johannesburg.

Coming to you for Dramatherapy was one of the highlights of Victoria's week and she thoroughly enjoyed "escaping" into a different, colourful and fascinating world filled with imagination, role-play, music, adventure and creativity.

Not only did her speech and language improve, but so too did her problem solving, public speaking, interview and goal setting skills. Yaela caringly and gently guided Victoria on a journey to discover more of her strengths and weaknesses as a young lady with Down Syndrome, how to embrace them, work with them and love herself more. 

Victoria's confidence has soared and the sparkle in her eyes has brightened!

Lauren Winiecki, PA to Victoria Giuricich, Spokeswoman and Model with Down Syndrome

Yaela is a rare gift of a therapist. Her incredibly deep knowledge of the workings of the human heart, mind and body, coupled with her intuitive wisdom make connecting with her healing and meaningful.

Her deep listening and compassion and her ability to be completely present with you are so appreciated by those she comes into contact with.

In deep gratitude to Yaela for this! 

Hayley Roberts, Adult Client

As a parent, the worse feedback you can get from a school report is that your child is a bully. We received this news last year during a session with my daughter’s teachers and we were devastated. Of course the next thing to do for any parents is to look for possible ways to address this, which includes seeing a range of professionals, prescriptions for medication that would help, behaviour modifications and family therapy, the list is long. The teachers were nice enough to refer us to Yaela and maybe see if her Dramatherapy sessions will help our child address the bullying.


I must say my first parent session with Yaela was therapeutic and I am not one who typically can open up to therapists of any kind. She explained at length how Dramatherapy can be used to address bullying tendencies, accept her peers and respect boundaries etc.

After just few sessions, Yaela reported back that after observing the child for a few sessions, she was not a bully but was rather a person with  strong character which needed to be managed , her behaviour directed positively rather than destructively. We were elated as parents and we continued with the sessions until the end of the school year because our daughter loved going to therapy which was interactive and full of fun. She always looked forward to Wednesday, the day of Dramatherapy.

There had been no reports of misbehaviour this year nor bullying, and we think that the sessions with Yaela have taught her great life lessons:  She has accepted that she can’t be right all the time and must allow her friends to have their say and be respectful to others.


Without Dramatherapy, I think as parents we would still be lost.


I would definitely recommend this form of therapy to parents- it is learning through drama.


It should be the first step in addressing behavioural issues in a child before looking for other intensive and very intrusive forms of therapies.

Thank you Yaela!

Paule Ndessomin, Parent of Dramatherapy Client

I felt extremely comfortable bringing my daughter to therapy with Yaela and my daughter looked very forward to her weekly therapy sessions. 


At the end of therapy, she would come out happy, smiling and relaxed.  Yaela is extremely warm, friendly and super caring.  I am truly grateful for her intervention in my daughter’s life and would highly recommend her and her therapy modality to any parent whose child needs therapy in a warm, safe and very caring environment.  

Anonymous, Parent of Dramatherapy Client


North West London, United Kingdom

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